Barcelona City Guide

Head to Barcelona for the perfect European city break


Hotel Claris

Hotel Claris is the perfect place for couples looking for a luxurious stay in Barcelona. Located in the lively Eixample neighbourhood, Hotel Claris is only a short walk from La Rambla, and Sagrada Familia, two must-see attractions for every Barcelona visitor. The 5-star hotel is packed with history thanks to the art pieces found in its bedrooms from African ceremonial masks to Ancient Egyptian art. 

Find out more at hotelclaris.com.


La Terraza del Claris

Dining at La Terraza del Claris is all about laid-back luxury. Relaxing on the rooftop terrace with a glass of wine is a brilliant way to begin your time in Barcelona, especially after a late flight. We recommend the taster menu which includes a selection of delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes like tuna belly tartare with oysters, and grilled Galician sirloin steak, along with perfectly paired wines for just $59.

Find out more at hotelclaris.com/la-terraza-del-claris.


Among the best restaurants in the world, Tickets is a real foodie treat that lives up to its often months-long waiting list. Make sure to try the ‘Nordic Landscape’: beef tartare, smoked cheese, herbs, and vinegar powder, as well as the suckling pig tacos. Save space for dessert as you’ll be taken through to a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque room with imaginative dishes to match, like cotton candy tacos. Book your table as soon as you book your flights, and set aside at least two hours to enjoy the Tickets experience to its fullest. 

Find out more at elbarri.com.

La Tasqueta de Blai

Head here for a delicious lazy lunch. La Tasqueta de Blai is famed for its scrumptious pinchos – fresh bread with loads of different toppings, from cured meats to local cheeses, pierced with a skewer. This self-service restaurant charges you for the number of pinchos you’ve had simply by counting up the skewers. We recommend lunching like the locals and washing down your pinchos with a pint of Estrella.

Find out more at grupotasqueta.com.tasqueta.


Pop into this beach-side burger café to grab a top-notch burger. This 70s-inspired café is loved by locals and travellers alike. With its name meaning ‘intimate friend’ in Hawaiian, Makamaka is definitely a place to relax and chat with some friendly folk.

Find out more at makamaka.es.


La Boqueria

This bustling market is found on the popular street, La Rambla. As you walk into La Boqueria, you’ll be greeted by a rainbow of colour with fresh fruits piled high to be made into juices or put into handy snack pots. Around every corner is a new sight and smell, with cured meats on charcuterie stalls alongside freshly baked bread and pastries. 

Find out more at boqueria.barcelona/home.

Park Güell

Park Güell is just one of the colourful and quirky constructions designed by modernist architect Anonti Gaudí that are dotted all over Barcelona. This public park was initially intended to be home to luxury properties with stunning views overlooking the city. Whilst the houses were never constructed, the beautiful views and architecture remain. Some areas of the park can be accessed for free, but to enter the ‘Monumental Zone’ where you get to see Gaudí’s designs up close and personal, you’ll need to buy a ticket for around $7. We recommend booking online beforehand, and go for an early morning slot to beat the queues and midday heat.

Find out more at parkguell.cat/en.

Erotica Museum

On La Rambla, you’ll find the history of eroticism across different cultures over thousands of years. With the first edition of Playboy, an erotic garden, and even the option to have a guided tour from Marilyn Monroe, the Erotica Museum promises to charm you with its cheeky collections.

Find out more at erotica-museum.com.

Sagrada Familia

Gaudí’s most well-known project is this huge Catholic church with eighteen spires and lots of towers forming a complex Gothic design. Expect cranes aplenty though as Sagrada Familia is still under construction – as it has been since 1882 – and is anticipated to be completed in 2026 for the centenary of Gaudí’s death. Don’t worry, in recent years, much of the scaffolding has been removed so you can still get a great snap of the monumental building, and tour some parts of its interior. Make sure to book online beforehand though as this is one of Barcelona’s most popular attractions.

Find out more at sagradafamilia.org.


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