Escape to Antarctica with White Desert

Go for a getaway with a difference on a luxury Antarctica adventure


White Desert is Antarctica’s only luxury camp, set up by polar explorer, Patrick Woodhead, and his wife Robyn in 2006. The camp has played host to famous guests like legendary NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Bear Grylls and even Prince Harry.

The idea behind the venture is to show guests the beauty of this unpopulated region, all whilst putting the environment first by being fuelled by mostly renewable energy sources.

A private 12-seater jet service from Cape Town kicks off your adventure in style. Enjoy sushi and wagyu beef tartare and sip on cocktails as you soar above the clouds overlooking icepacks in the Southern Ocean. Touching down on the blue ice runway, incredible views of ‘Wolf’s Fang’ peak welcome you to the camp.

The camp is made up of a series of luxury pods: heated fibreglass sleeping pods, a lounge pod with a library, and – for the most epic of meals – a custom-designed dining room with fur-lined chairs. 



Adventure seekers can opt to go rock climbing and trekking through a labyrinth of blue ice grottos. If that’s not your thing, you can take a trail walk to a penguin colony instead, or indulge in some of the delicious dishes cooked by the camp’s resident chef, Justine Lindsey.

Venture into the heart of Antarctica with White Desert’s signature eight-day experience ‘Emperors & South Pole’. Private jets fly guests over Antarctica’s stunning coastline to an Emperor penguin colony to soak up the rare sight of 6,000 penguins in their natural habitat. The next stop is the lowest point on the planet – the South Pole, where you’ll visit the American science station.

For those who are tight on time, White Desert also offer a four-day ‘Ice & Mountains’ experience, or a one-day private chartered tour to the Antarctic, called ‘Greatest Day’.


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