What Will Albert Square Look Like in 7 Years?

As part of the work being done on Manchesters Town Hall, there are plans to pedestrianise Albert Square which also means you’ll be able to get to your favourite bars a lot quicker!

An artist’s impression showing how the square could look

The city council have revealed that the square will be enlarged by 20%, limiting traffic access to only Princess Street.

The new design will make the area a safer place to visit and the concrete barriers around the square are also planned to be removed, making it a prettier choice to spend your day!

Councillor Bernard Priest told A-Magazine: “The barriers that stop cars running into pedestrians will be removed.

“Albert Square is where a lot of events happen and families visit, so it’s a no-brainer really to make the area bigger.”

An artist’s impression showing how the square could look

The plan hopes to make the restaurants and bars in the area become more appealing to sit outside.

“The restaurants will be more visible outside in the square because they’re a bit hidden,” Cllr Priest said.

Dissimilar to Picadilly Gardens,  Albert Square is less popular until yearly events like the Manchester Christmas Markets bring huge crowds to the centre.

An artist’s impression showing how the square could look

“Picadilly Gardens have a lot of people walking through there, but Albert Square is different and these plans are going to change that,” Cllr Priest told A-Magazine.

The refurbished square will include trees surrounding Prince Albert’s memorial that predates the hall itself!

The new square is said to cost around £13m, just a fraction of the town hall’s £330m budget.

“The town hall project will take seven years to complete and the square is still at the design stage,” Cllr Priest said.


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