Mana Restaurant Rips Up the Rule Book

Ex-Noma chef Simon Martin shakes up Manchesters food scene with new Ancoats restaurant Mana.


We know Manchesters a city that embraces ripping up the rule book and that’s exactly the sentiment behind Simon Martin’s new restaurant Mana.

Surprisingly, Martin isn’t jumping on the BACK of the Ancoats hype with Mana’s location but chose the popular area to have a completely empty unit in which to create a space suited to Mana’s unique offering. Martin and his team are going all out as it costed an epic £300,000 for Mana’s bespoke kitchen alone.  

Forget ‘fine-dining’, you won’t be eating caviar or flavoured foam at Mana – here it’s all about celebrating real British food without the stuffiness of old-school fine dining. Martin says:

“It’s no fun, all that sitting-up-straight, waiter with a bowtie, being called ‘sir’ or ‘madam’, a tablecloth that’s been ironed onto the table. None of it makes the food taste any better…The point of Mana is to rediscover everything that’s been forgotten about Britain’s indigenous produce and ingredients.”



Here’s where it gets unusual: Mana welcomes just 30 diners for dinner on each of the four days a week it’s open. At Mana, you’ll enjoy a 16-course menu served in just one hour and 45 minutes for £95. 

Fried reindeer moss with sauce made from egg yolks and fermented chicken wings

Not one for “baby steps”, Martin has big ambitions to bring Manchesters diners something completely new.


Find out more at manarestaurant.co.uk

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