First Look Inside Ancoats Coffee + Gelato Bar

Coffee + Gelato Bar Arrives in Ancoats, Soul Coffee.
There are many charming coffee shops in Manchester city, but when you walk in you get the general feel and look of what most coffee shops are in the city.
Moj owner of the new coffee bar, Soul Coffee in Ancoats wants to put a twist on the Manchester coffee scene. With his passion for all good things, he wants to bring his love for – soul music, coffee, gelato, dessert & food all under one roof and offer a venue to Manchester that is different. 
Soul Coffee are environmentally conscious and make sure all their disposables are compostable. Moj also highlights that he support independents and source most of their produces from other local independent businesses to support like-minded people and reduce carbon footprint and help our planet.
Moj says: “our speciality coffee is from one of the best roasters in Manchester, an Italian family makes our Gelato in the north-west especially for us, they’re still using their grandad’s recipe from 1931 when he migrated here from Italy. (Don’t think you can get more authentic Gelato than this!), our waffles are made in house using our secret recipe… most other places use sachet mixes & believe me, you can tell the difference.”
Moj adds: “We’re passionate about what we do, but most importantly passionate towards our city, so we thought our growing city deserves the best and that’s why we try to bring the best.”
Soul Coffee is not just about Coffee. They LOVE art! 
There are a few surprises when you visit Soul Coffee, Akse19 who paints the famous murals in NQ, spray paint Marvin Gaye’s mural on one of there walls. The shutters also have its own artistic flair similar to styles around the Northern Quarter.
One of the walls is dedicated to Manchester’s street artists to showcase their work, and for the very first time, the public would be able to buy the work that they always see on the streets. 
Moj adds: “We believe the coffee shop/bar should offer more than just speciality coffee; we want to be the hub of the community and we hold live acoustic music and comedy evenings/events.”
“The reason we chose this location was because we’re on the border of NQ and Ancoats and we thought there’s nothing better to be the place that bridges NQ to Ancoats, with a bit of Soul…” 

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