Do's And Don'ts Hair Care Guide With Sassoon Manchester

AMAGAZINE visits Sassoon Salon to create the ultimate hair care guide for those unpredictable weather days in Manchester. Talking with Creative Director Lee Nunn and Senior Colour Director Chloe Thompson about the do’s and don’ts of hair, there will be nothing standing between you and your luscious locks anymore.

Lee Nunn and Chloe Thompson at Sassoon Salon[/caption]


Nourish & Protect

LeeOpt for a more nourishing conditioner like the Sassoon Intense Restore to help battle winter dryness. Use a light coat of Sassoon Illuminating Oil after finishing your hair to create a barrier to external aggressors.”


The Six Week Rule

LeeYour cut should last around six weeks, and it shouldn’t take hours to achieve what we’ve done in salon at home. At Sassoon, we like to work with the natural texture of your hair to ensure a low maintenance finish. I recommend visiting the salon every six weeks. To encourage this, we offer 10% off your next visit if booked within six weeks.

Chloe “If you have coloured hair, the best thing to do – especially if you’ve had a red tint – is to make sure that you use shampoo and conditioner that’s specifically for coloured hair, so in the Sassoon range we do Illuminating Clean and Illuminating Condition.”


Heat Protection

LeeFor me, heat protection for hair is the same as using sun cream while on holiday. Invest in a good quality heat protector like Heat Shape by Sassoon, otherwise you’ll end up buying more products trying to fix what the heat protector didn’t do.


Consider Before You Colour

ChloeIt’s really the tone of your skin that determines what colour suits you best. Sometimes, if people have got quite pale skin with dark hair then they don’t suit warmth. If you’ve got quite dark skin then you’re best to go with warmer, darker tones. You need to make sure that your lifestyle goes with the colour. If you want to go blonde, make sure that you do a treatment once a week to keep the best quality of hair whilst you’re at home.”


Curly Girls

LeeCurly hair doesn’t like foamy, frothy products. A lot of curly hair products are sulphate-free so you don’t get foam when you wash your hair which reduces frizz.


Change It Up

LeeBe open to change, I think we can easily become slaves to trends. At Sassoon, we create hair for you, not mass produce. A comprehensive consultation is key: assessment of bone structure, hair texture and growth patterns all contribute to this, but it’s such a personal thing – your lifestyle, interests and career all impact these decisions.”


Home Hairdressing

ChloeSome of the kits that you can buy in the shops make people think you can get the same result that you would as coming into the salon. When people try to get the colour off their hair themselves, that often causes the most damage.”


Overuse Heat

LeeDon’t use too much heat. I am big fan of letting the hair do what it does naturally. The tongs and irons should enhance a blow-dry, not fix it! If you need to use heat, then you need to use a heat protector.”


Lightening Kits

ChloeDon’t use lightening kits and sit in the sun with them on your hair as it’s really damaging. The same goes for lemon juice because it’s an acid.”


LeeThe worst thing for hair is stress. If you’re unwell, your skin shows it and it’s the same with your hair.”


Not Washing Hair

ChloeIf you don’t wash your body, it smells: it’s the same thing with your hair. People say that it will start to self-cleanse – I am not into this, especially if you have coloured hair.”


Use Dry Shampoo Wisely

LeeDry shampoo is great for adding texture, but it can be really bad if you’re using it to replace washing your hair. It can build up and clog your scalp.”




Lee “Everyone has the ability to suit a fringe. The fringe needs to work with the proportions of the face; if it’s a generic fringe it can look awkward.”


Grey Hairs

LeeOne of my favourite hair myths is that if you pull out one grey hair, five more will grow. That doesn’t happen!”


Over Conditioning

LeeYou can’t over condition your hair. If its limp or overloaded after conditioning, its due to the wrong product being used.”


Bristle Brushes

LeeBristle brushes aren’t the best for your hair. The kindest are plastic; the teeth are smoother so won’t produce tension based damage.”


Over Washing

LeeEssentially, the skin on your scalp is the same as your face. The scalp produces natural oils, just like the face, so I think washing your hair every day is healthy.”


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