Toccata Bespoke Collection from Kunal Trehan

AMAGAZINE’s Interiors Expert, Kunal Trehan, shares the inspiration and motivation behind his latest, luxury furniture collection.

My company Touched Interiors is renowned for all things luxury and, for a lot of our collections, the price points reflect true luxury. With the new Toccata Bespoke Collection, I wanted to bridge the gap between high-street and high-end stores by introducing something in the middle.                  

This collection proves that bespoke doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s not high-street by any stretch, but it certainly offers the design, quality and opulence of everything in our main collections but with a much lower price point. Whether they are spending £200 or £200,000, the item or service my clients are purchasing must hold importance for them and this is really the only true measure of what is value for money. I can wholeheartedly say that the design, oversized measures and artisan craftsmanship of this collection represent excellent value for money.                                 

Anyone who knows me understands my natural draw to things that are different, luxurious and indulgent. I’ve not been shy of owning this as I’ve built my brand on this very concept. Whether it’s sourcing unique products or designing rooms that have my own take on a trend, this is all an extension of my personality.

Toccata Bespoke was designed with luxury objects and precious materials in mind with the added twist that I am known for – to make the design look desirable. From medallions and bronze materials to grand capitals of the world, I’ve taken inspiration from many places. I like to think of everything that the Touched brand offers as pieces of art. The pieces in this collection are all oversized and have a real presence about them; they don’t sit quietly and will truly capture attention, but they do so in an elegant and tasteful manner.

Even though the price points are lower than our signature collections, this collection is fully customisable to the clients’ desired size and finish and, most importantly, there are no bespoke surcharges. I want to encourage creativity and for my clients to sit down with me or the team and design a piece just for them.


The Wish List


1. The Elegance Textured Bar Stool, £549-699

Width 46cm; Depth 48cm; Height 67/104cm

For me, this piece is the definition of modern opulence: luxurious, textured, but by no means overbearing. The Elegance Textured Bar Stool will bring some much-needed glamour to any space. The combination of smooth and textured fabrics really draws the eye to this piece and the contrast piping is the perfect finishing touch.

2. The Elegance Pleated Sofa, £3,900-£4900

Width 200/250cm; Depth 113 cm; Height 83cm

The Elegance Pleated Sofa really forms the heart of any room it sits in. It certainly makes a statement, but the soft bronze hue of the fabric ensures that it’s muted enough to sit alongside oversized pieces like The Medallion Centre Table beautifully. I worked hard to get the stunning pleating on the sofa just right to emphasise the soft curves that make this piece stand out. Once you’ve selected a standout piece like this, I recommend that you build your room around it. Add in some custom throw cushions and this sofa is just begging for you to take a seat.

3. The Upholstered Bronze Centre Coffee Table, £1,490

Width 120cm; Depth 120cm; Height 40cm

This oversized coffee table never fails to draw the eye! Combining the colourings of bronze metals with bronze stud detailing, this is certainly one piece that doesn’t sit quietly. Although this is an attention-commanding table, the bronze mirror at its centre works to reflect any central feature lighting or detailed ceiling beautifully. As with all my designs, it’s important for me to make them beautiful and practical, so whilst the faux leather sides and edges look undoubtedly sophisticated, they’re also wipeable so you can easily keep this table in perfect condition.

4. The Medallion Centre Table, £1,490             

Width 130cm; Height 45cm

I find inspiration for my designs in many places and for this particular piece, I wanted to translate a beautiful bronze medallion into a piece of luxurious furniture. The contrast of the soft, herringbone, sateen fabric and the brown stud detailing give the piece balance. Bronze colourings bring a luxe feel and, combined with the table’s hidden wheels, make this a stunning yet practical choice for your living space.


Shop these items at touchedinteriors.co.uk or visit the showroom at 26 Blackfriars Street, Manchester, M3 5JS

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