Pixie Lott on Future Plans and Manchester Hotspots

The pop songstress talks all things music and Manchester.

Why did you choose to launch your new single ‘Won’t Forget You’ in Manchester?

Because I love Manchester! I’ve had lots of good times up here. I think Manchester crowds are amazing. I think it’s nice to come up North first [before London] because I wanted to do this for fans, and I always see a lot of great support on Twitter from up here.

What are your favourite places in Manchester?

I love The Lowry [Hotel]. When I was here last year doing a play [Breakfast at Tiffany’s] in Salford, we stayed at The Lowry. It’s got good vibes…and I like their shampoo, shower gel, and conditioner. [Laughs]. I’ve just had a great time here, especially when I did Manchester Pride.

Would you like to do theatre again?

I will do it in my life again, but not for a while because it takes up such a big chunk of time. It’s nice to be BACK doing just music. When I played Holly Golightly [in Breakfast at Tiffany’s] last year, that was a complete dream role. I absolutely loved that, and she’s such a strong, but such a complex character, so anyone that’s sort of in that same vein I’d love to play again.

What are some of your career highlights?

I would definitely say my ‘Crazy Cats Tour’. It was the first tour I did where I could meet fans from all over the UK, and have everyone there just to see my show. It was really special. I think festivals in other countries are highlights too: the Springroove Festival in Tokyo. The biggest show I’ve done was to half a million people in Madrid – it was like a street party. I just felt so lucky writing with John Legend, and working with Stevie Wonder because they’re two of my all-time favourite people.

What’s the recipe for a perfect pop song?

I do think there’s some sort of formula that everyone follows. At the moment, it’s either an instrumental part that’s catchy or a tag which is a repeated word over and over. I think a good pop song always has to have lyrics that people can relate to, so you can find some emotion in it. It either has to make you feel something or make you dance.

You wowed when you were on Strictly Come Dancing. Who would you like to win this year?

I’m rooting for Molly [King] and Aston [Merrygold].

How was being a judge on The Voice Kids UK?

Amazing! Definitely one of the best thing I’ve done. I was in awe and they [the contestants] were so inspiring.

What are some of your favourite ways to keep fit?

At the minute, yoga’s my favourite. I have the most amazing teacher. The classes are in a hot room, and once you’re in the flow, you don’t even realise you’re doing it. She works your core really hard. At the end, we lie down, and she comes over with this oil, and she gives your neck this massage. It’s the best thing ever.

If you had to describe yourself in three emojis, what would they be?

I’m going to go with the pineapple one first. I love pineapples because they’re fresh, and fruit, and fun. When you type ‘confused’ on your phone, there’s a girl that’s just going like that [shrugs with arms up], and I feel like that’s me because I’m just confused all the time. My other one would be the cat with the love heart eyes.

Can you see yourself and your fiancé, Oliver, collaborating together?

I think it would have to be the right thing – something special. We both love fashion…we could collaborate in having children one day maybe [laughs].

What are your plans for next year?

Well, they’ll be more music, more singles, and the wedding’s going to happen next year. I’m doing a charity ball with my sister in March for Alzheimer’s Research UK, but mainly just more music; that’s what I’m always going to be focusing on.

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