MCR influencers tackle gym phobia as 1 in 4 millennials too body-conscious to exercise

A quarter of millennials feel too self-conscious about their looks to exercise more often, new survey data has revealed.

The survey of 2,000 participants revealed that millennials are by far the most insecure generation when it comes to exercise, with a quarter of 18-24 year-olds confessing that they would be more motivated to exercise if “I had more confidence in my appearance”. 

Almost a quarter of 18-24s don’t feel confident exercising with or near other people (23%), and the majority would rather do strength exercises at home than at the gym.

Following the release of the new NHS fitness guides, Manchester-based Patient Claim Line issued the survey to uncover Brits attitudes towards exercise. The data uncovered that a third of millennials aren’t sticking to the NHS guidelines and getting enough exercise, and that a lack of body-confidence is preventing many young people from working out more.

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To promote an active lifestyle, tackle self-doubt and boost millennials’ confidence issues in the gym, three leading Manchester fitness influencers have shared their experiences of body confidence and how they’ve overcome these barriers. The group hope their tips will help people find a way to stop body confidence problems getting in the way of a more active, fun and healthy lifestyle. 

Sam McGowan, a personal and online trainer, explains that fear of the gym is something everyone can experience, no matter what your fitness levels.

“I used to walk into a gym and be very aware of the people around me and what they thought of me. I would do my best to act as if I knew what I was doing but the reality was that I had absolutely no idea. Not knowing what I was doing, whether I was doing it right and if people were looking at me because they knew that was the case made me very self-conscious – I hated the gym because of it.”

McGowan now has over 12,000 followers on Instagram who tune in to her tips and advice, and explains that learning about exercise is the best way to boost confidence.

“Educate yourselves, the same way you would with anything else. […] Either reach out and get help or start investing some time into knowing more about what you’re doing and why you need to do it. The more confident you are with what you’re doing in the gym the less you’re going to care about what you look like or what anyone else is thinking.

Wellness maven Claudia Mirallegro has stacked thousands of Instagram followers thanks to her perfect yoga poses and positive mantras, but explains that behind the pictures she isn’t always confident about working out.

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“I often feel self-conscious trying out new fitness classes. My mind loops on how I won’t be strong enough or fast enough or fit enough, how everyone is going to be better than me and that people will judge my abilities.”

For Mirallegro, perseverance is key to overcoming exercise barriers, as well as reminding yourself of why you’re exercising in the first place.

“Keep going. No one is focusing on you because everyone is so caught up in themselves. Over time you will build resilience & discipline. You’ll release endorphins. You’ll realise there’s something special in exercising to feel good rather than looking good.”

For biomechanics student and fitness blogger Sarah Harradine, comparing yourself to others in the gym can have an impact on your confidence.

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“As a Personal Trainer I feel like everyone expects me to be super strong, super fit and good at everything, when in truth I’m just a normal girl trying to do her best. The gym I work at is incredible but I can sometimes feel like everyone else is a lot fitter than me, which can have a knock-on effect to my confidence.”

A lover of weight-workouts and strength training, Harradine explains that you don’t necessarily need a gym to get a good workout. 

“If the gym is too daunting for you right now then gain some confidence in movement by getting a sweat on however you like, whether that’s going for a brisk 30-minute walk, dancing in your kitchen or joining a netball team.”

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