IV THERAPY Arrives In Manchester

Wellbeing from Within, as IV therapy arrives in our city to give Manchester an extra boost


Whether you’re working long hours or you’re out until the early hours, it’s easy to let yourself become rundown, but REVIV, the global market leader in intravenous therapy, is here to put your wellbeing first. Formerly IV therapy had been reserved for the wealthy and famous but Sarah Lomas, along with her co-founders, created REVIV in 2013 to bring IV therapy to the general public. A proud Mancunian, Sarah wanted to bring the REVIV experience to her home city so launched REVIV’s Manchester Clinic on St. Ann’s Square in 2018. As Manchester takes its place on the global stage, Sarah made the investment for a state-of-the-art flagship in our city. She says ‘Our global clients are very fluid. They travel between LA, New York, London and Hong Kong, and in the last year Manchester has become part of that footprint.’

“REVIV combines the Eastern philosophy of medicine which is wellness from within and western medicine” 

REVIV is all about wellness from within. Their treatments are based on the idea that when your body is fully hydrated you’re able to perform at your optimum and your body has all the tools it needs to fight off illness. Sarah explains that REVIV is the combination of ‘the Eastern philosophy of medicine, which is wellness from within, and Western medicine’. At all of the 70 REVIV clinics across the world, there’s a dedicated team of experienced medical professionls to guide you through the process and ensure higher than hospital standards.

Every step of the REVIV journey has been designed to be as relaxing as possible. From cosy blankets and comfy sofas to chill out on during your treatment to numbing spray before your therapy, it’s all been thought of, so you can enjoy the experience to the fullest. When you head to a REVIV clinic, the team will take you through a screening and prescribing process to make sure you’re recommend the right therapy for you and your needs. Which treatment you have mainly depends on whether you’re well or unwell. If you’re in good health, then a Wellness IV is perfect for you, but if you’re under the weather then a Recovery IV will help you to feel fighting fit again. With five intravenous therapies and four muscular therapies on offer, REVIV’s laboratory tested infusions have something to give everyone an extra boost. 

REVIV is a great introduction to your wellbeing routine as part of preventative health. Along with helping you bounce BACK after a heavy night out, REVIV’s therapies compliment clean eating and regular workouts by giving you the hydration and vitamins you need to be in the best possible health. If it’s your first visit and you’re a little nervous, REVIV’s friendly team will stay with you in a private treatment room, but most regulars prefer to chill out on the loungers and take the roughly 30-40minute treatment as time just for themselves. When REVIV becomes part of your wellbeing routine, Sarah compares it to ‘women having their nails done or men going to the barber’s shop’ – another step towards feeling your best.


  • Find out more at revivme.com or call the Manchester clinic on 0161 834 4411

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