Creating The Winter Look with Thomas Hope

We hear from AMAGAZINE’s Hair Expert Thomas Hope about how to get his key look for the winter party season

About the Look

We cater for a broad spectrum of looks at Artisté from natural to dramatic. My aim within this look is giving the wearer an undeniable presence when walking into their Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. Let’s be honest, winter isn’t the time to be cosy – it’s party season, it’s time to be that little bit extra! ‘Couture Curls’ teams the 1980s voluminous vamped up curl with a glossier finish and a deep side part.

After years of being a hair stylist to VIPs, I know that luxurious curls are the best way to change up your everyday vibe instantly. Glossy curls and serious volume add that extra touch to any party outfit – perfect for dancing the night away. ‘Couture Curls’ let you make a lasting impression at your winter outings, and I’m here to give you tips to create the latest Artisté look so you can have your very own magic moment.



• Protect hair with Balmain Argan Moisturising Elixir and Balmain Leave-In Conditioning Spray for the ultimate duo: soft-bodied shine with heat and UV protection. Apply both products, then comb evenly from root to end

• Squeeze excess moisture out of the hair to prepare it for heat styling.

Balmain Hair Styling Gift Pack, £77.90


Blow Dry

• Make the perfect product by combining together a small amount of Balmain Couture Texturizing Salt Spray and Balmain Volume Strong Mousse in your hands for a balance of control and volume.

Balmain Texturising Salt Spray, £9.95 (50ml)
Balmain Hair Volume Strong Mousse, £23.75 (300ml)

•  Add this throughout the hair, combing through to spread that luxurious mix on every strand for an even hold. 

• Using a comb, part the hair into a deep side part, making sure it’s nice and sharp to give some edge to your look.

• Blow dry the hair BACK away from the face using the label.m Style Brush to get added oomph at the root. Dry the hair in the direction you want to let it fall, so it will defy gravity longer and won’t fight you when heat styling.

label.m Style Brush, £9.95

Heat Styling

• Once dry, section the hair and spritz with Balmain Thermal Spray.

Balmain Hair Thermal Spray, £26.95 (200ml)

• To create this spiral curl, twist the hair from root to tip before wrapping around the Balmain Professional Ceramic Curling Wand. Hold the tong horizontally to allow the curl to fall in a consistent shape.

Balmain Professional 32mm Ceramic Curling Wand, £99.95

• The best way to create long-lasting curls is to allow them to cool so they can set into their new shape. Allow each curl to cool, then wrap the curl BACK on itself and pin using a small grip.


Dressing the Hair

• Now for the best bit – dressing out that style to create your finished result. As you remove each pinned curl, use a BACKcombing brush to gently build volume at the root without knotting the hair.

• Always go a little bolder with height than you think you need. Add extra lift around the crown and the fringe using the Balmain Texturizing Volume Spray. This will allow the hair space to drop whilst still staying photo-ready all evening. 

Balmain Texturizing Volume Spray, £28.25 (200ml)


• Comb one side of the hair behind your ear.

• Shake out those curls by putting a little Balmain Hair Argan Moisturising Elixir through the hair with your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

Balmain Hair Argan Moisturising Elixr, £26.50 (100ml)

• If you want to keep those enviable waves defined for a little longer, finish with a mist of Sebastian Shaper Fierce Hairspray to lock in the look. 

Sebastian Shaper Fierce Hairspray, £18.40 (400ml)

• The best accessory is always confidence, so wear it with a smile and own your look.

• Remember, if you’d like a helping hand just reach for the Artisté app or book online to get your own personal artisan to give you your pre-party pamper. 


Find out more at artiste.co.uk

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