Top Tips For Accountancy With Pomegranate Consulting

Director of Pomegranate Consulting, Ansar Mahmood, demystifies what accountants can do for you and your business. 

With nineteen years of experience in chartered accounting, Ansar started Pomegranate Consulting five years ago with a huge drive for success and zero investment. 

Growing from a one-man band to sixteen employees, Pomegranate’s clients range from tech startups to social media marketing agencies, football commentators, Coronation Street actors and big corporate clients. Ansar and his team have built a solid reputation of helping businesses to grow and achieve their potential, working as trusted advisors to clients that are happy to leave their finances in Pomegranate’s safe hands.



Common Mistakes

Taking A Chance

“Your businesses’ finances aren’t something to take a chance on; mistakes now can come BACK and sting you later. Common mistakes we see include: poor record keeping, fines and penalties, late filings of tax returns, and missing out on benefits you can claim like allowable expenses. If you’re guilty of this, don’t worry too much – Pomegranate can straighten things out for you.”

Giving Out Shares

“Resist the urge to give shares to friends, family or employees straight away. Make sure to give shares out wisely. If circumstances change it can be very difficult to take them BACK at a later date.”

Fear Of The Unknown

“Lots of start-ups think that the business community will look down on them for asking what seem to be basic questions, but the truth is we’ve all been there. Ask your trusted Pomegranate advisor and they’ll help you to work it out.”

Not For New Businesses

“Many people believe they don’t need an accountant until later on in the life of their business – first year-end or VAT return date – but it’s best to sit down with an accountant to discuss your thoughts before even starting your project. It’s wise to get in the habit of good practice from the very start.”


“At Pomegranate, we take the stress away to leave clients more time to concentrate on what they do best.”


Common Misconceptions About Accountants

Aren’t accountants just another expense?

“The fee of an accountant can seem like an unnecessary expense, but in the long run it should be much more cost efficient. People often don’t realise that a good accountant should make you money, rather than cost you money.”

Won’t accountants pull my business apart?

“First of all we aren’t here to deliver bad news about your business’ financial state. In reality, a good accountant will stop this bad news from happening. At Pomegranate, we work with you to put practical solutions in place so you don’t find yourself in that situation.”

Aren’t accountants only for large businesses?

“Accountants aren’t just for big businesses, small businesses and individuals should use accountants to make sure they comply with the rules and regulations set out by HMRC and Companies House. Any accountant that’s worth their salt should treat your business with equal respect whether you’ve got 1 employee or 1,000. Pomegranate work with self-employed individuals to companies with X members of staff. With us, there’s no nerve-wracking phone calls – you’ll have a personal advisor that you’ll build up a relationship with to help guide you and your business to success.”

What Makes Pomegranate Different?

More Than Just Number Crunching

“At Pomegranate, we take the stress away to leave clients more time to concentrate on what they do best. We aren’t just here to crunch the numbers and tell you how much tax to pay, Pomegranate offer expert advice on everything from setting pricing structures, to raising finance, as well as helping if you decide to sell your business later down the line.”

Trusted Advisors

“Our clients look to as trusted advisors rather than accountants. We consider it our duty to find ways to help businesses run more efficiently in terms of time and finance. This could be something as simple as changing the way they use their accounting software through to looking at R&D or Creative Industry Tax Reliefs.”

Free Consultation & Social Events

“We don’t charge for our initial consultation, before any work is started we will give you a fixed fee quote. Most of our new work comes from referrals from our existing clients and we show our gratitude by organising social events like mass cinema trips, BBQs and our annual birthday party. It’s a great chance to network and get to know the wider Pomegranate family.”

Call Pomegranate Consulting on 0161 974 0735 to book your free consultation or head to pomegranateconsulting.co.uk for more information.

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