The New Way to Recruit with Tate Digital

Discover the new recruitment platform that’s making Manchester a destination for digital.

Manchesters got a reputation for being home to people that graft. It’s no wonder then that we’re seeing more and more start-ups launching here across the digital, marketing, social media, PR and design industries. The city is a hub for great talent and great businesses, but the traditional recruitment process often makes it difficult to bring them together. One man on a mission to solve this problem is Joel Fletcher with new recruitment platform, Tate Digital

After spending the last ten years working in recruitment, Joel knows the industry inside out and is now turning it on its head. He’s passionate about matching the right person with the right role; Joel says that “the three biggest things in life are getting married, buying a house, and changing jobs. I’ve always been really passionate about putting two people together and making companies grow.” Whilst striving to help people on their career journeys, Joel became frustrated with the limitations of traditional recruitment. He’d met upcoming businesses who needed new talent but didn’t have the time or fees for the usual recruitment process. This inspired him to strip BACK the costs and provide a unique way for businesses to make new hires.

Traditionally, recruiters are protective of their candidate database, whereas Tate Digital are opening up their database to clients, cutting out the middle man and giving the control BACK to the businesses that are looking to hire – much like a recruitment version of Purple Bricks. Joel and his team have built almost ‘Tinder-like’ software where businesses are able to access candidates through an online portal and then contact them directly themselves. Currently, recruitment companies are charging upwards of £5,000 to place one candidate, but Tate Digital allows businesses to make up to 3 hires for £1,500 with 3 months access to the portal. With a talent pool built up over years in Manchester through parent company Tate Recruitment, Tate Digital gives businesses access to high-calibre candidates without the high costs.

Much more than basic CVs, Joel and his team have worked hard to create a platform that gives a complete picture of each candidate. Unlike generic CV libraries, the Tate Digital team help their candidates craft their profiles and allow them to upload links to their websites and LinkedIn profiles, along with portfolios and headshots.

For Joel, the impact of Tate Digital goes beyond the world of recruitment. He’s committed to using this new platform to promote Manchester as a destination for digital. He says that Tate Digital is “not just about getting Manchester candidates for Manchester businesses, we’re working wider to get people attracted to Manchester.” The Tate Digital team are partnering with businesses across Manchester and city’s universities to help grow Manchesters start-ups and support new talent coming through.

Joel and his team are smashing the stereotypes of recruitment to offer a platform that’s set to enrich the Manchester community and its people. Our city is already on its way to gaining international recognition and Tate Digital is here to give Manchester the extra boost it deserves.

Find out more at tate.co.uk/digitalpeople


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