Ray Sherlock, Changing the Perception of Social Media at Engage Hub

Changing the way businesses do social media management, Engage Hub builds and manages social media campaigns that deliver results.

Today, social media is more important than ever as a tool for businesses to grow their brands and push their services and products. One man that’s proud to deliver brands’ social media marketing needs is Ray Sherlock, founder of social media powerhouse Engage Hub.


“We build social media campaigns that deliver ROI for every £1 spent.”


Being an independent agency allows Engage Hub to be agile when providing their two key services, social media engagement and influencer marketing, to their big-name clients. After working for fashion and beauty brands for six years, Ray’s personal social media experience inspired him to start his own agency. He was reaching out for recommendations on social media but wasn’t hearing BACK from any brands or other social media users. Recognising this gap in the market, Ray decided to set up Engage Hub to provide the engagement between brands and customers on social media platforms that no one else was.

Available round the clock, Engage Hub are the only agency providing engagement at this level. This innovative approach is what’s allowed the company to grow at such a rapid rate in just two years. They’re proud to be gaining recognition for their vast portfolio of international clients across a wide range of industries, including Bud Light, Blanx, Remington UK and Australis. Ray knows that it’s Engage Hub’s agility that’s earned them so many big-name clients, delivering a personal touch and a level of service that bigger agencies aren’t able to.

Engage Hub prove that social media is an essential tool for growth that’s worth investing in. When companies choose to give social media a go themselves, they’re often unsure about who they’re reaching and what the outcome is. Ray and his dedicated team of specialists take social media seriously. For them, nothing is more important than getting return on investment for their clients.

Ray says, We don’t build campaigns just to post out content for the sake of it; we build social media campaigns that deliver ROI for every £1 spent.”

He and his team work closely with their clients, creating bespoke social media campaigns that will deliver concrete, measurable results. Whether you want to see more bums on seats at your venue, more visits to your website, more followers, or more product sales online, Engage Hub will make it happen.

Ray explains that Engage Hub’s campaigns are monitored daily and each post is scrutinised to ensure that content is reaching the correct target audiences in the correct locations at the correct times.

This precision and attention to detail is where Engage Hub really come into their own. As social media experts, the Engage Hub team believe it all starts with conversation. The team seek out conversations on social media and engage with hundreds of people each day for their clients, turning social media users into customers and securing the results they’re clients are looking for. It’s this commitment to their clients that sees the company produce such exceptional results; recently, they turned a Betfred project around in only two days with 150% better outcome than their client predicted.

Along with their social media engagement services, Engage Hub also specialise in influencer marketing. This type of service is commonly outsourced by other companies but Engage Hub work closely with hundreds of influencers across the country, allowing their clients to choose the perfect influencer for their campaign from Engage Hub’s trusted portfolio. Connecting the right influencer to the right project allows Ray to ensure his campaigns reach the millions and fast.

With offices in British powerhouses Manchester and London, it’s no surprise that Engage Hub have been nominated for ‘Impressive Growth Agency’ along with ‘Best Social Media Agency’ in the UK Agency Awards. Having already expanded from three members of staff in 2016 to fifteen today, Engage Hub are soon set to make a name for themselves on the international scene.

Find out more about Engage Hub at engagehub.co.uk

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