Northern Powerhouse Gains More Power

Northern Powerhouse fights to empower, connect, and invest to kick-start a stronger, more prosperous northern economy.

The government’s commitment to the Northern Powerhouse has been further strengthened with the Prime Minister confirming that a new joint ministerial appointment is being made for the Northern Powerhouse Minister, Jake Berry MP.

The joint ministerial position, shared between the Ministry of Housing Communities & Local Government and Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy, will see the Northern Powerhouse Minister’s oversight and coordination of local economic growth boosted to improve its impact for people and communities across the country.  It will also ensure key policies like the £1.6 billion Stronger Towns Fund and the Northern Powerhouse are at the heart of delivering the government’s Modern Industrial Strategy.  

The appointment comes ahead of a refreshed Northern Powerhouse Strategy, due to be published later this year, bringing together the Government, northern businesses and local leaders with a renewed focus on growth.

  Northern Powerhouse Minister, Jake Berry MP, said:

At the heart of the Northern Powerhouse is an unshakeable partnership between business, communities and government. 

We’re investing more into transport in the north than any other government in history, and with nearly 50% of the north represented by Metro Mayors, a Northern Powerhouse economy worth over £339 billion, and now, with an expanded, cross-governmental ministerial position, that partnership is stronger than ever.

I’m delighted to accept this new appointment and I’m grateful to the Prime Minister for the unwavering support she has given to the Northern Powerhouse.”

The Northern Powerhouse overview

The Northern Powerhouse is government’s vision for a more prosperous north with good-paying jobs for hard-working people, better roads and railways, higher-performing schools and world-beating universities.

Since the Northern Powerhouse was launched in 2014, we have seen increased investment, enhanced international profile for the north and new powers devolved to the northern regions.

The Northern Powerhouse’s GVA (gross value added) is £339.4 billion, 19.4% of the UK total, and it has seen a £10 billion real terms increase since the start of the Northern Powerhouse in 2014.

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