Meet Dr Jonquille Chantrey

The Mancunian beauty surgeon whose international treatments, expertise and knowledge are transforming the Manchester wellbeing industry.

International beauty lecturer and surgeon, Dr Jonquille Chantrey, brought her globally-renowned expertise to Manchester 15-years-ago and has helped to change the scope of aesthetic services in the city.

Her acclaimed clinic, the ØNE aesthetic studiø, is well-established in Alderley Edge (previously named Expert Aesthetics, she also operated on St John’s Street, Manchester and Harley Street) and commands a wealth of high-profile clients.

Her extensive portfolio includes discreet and natural beautification, facelifting and contouring through advanced injectables, skin peels, laser as well as body shaping and fat removal.

Yet with a focus on inner and outer health, body image and self-esteem, Dr Jonquille insists her services are very different from the many aesthetic doctors in the area.

She’s known for combining an unusual blend of peer-reviewed scientific excellence, unparalleled aesthetic results with meditation, health and wellbeing coaching.

Last year, she completed her yoga teacher training and focuses on Yin Yoga based on Chinese medicine.

It combines medical principles with meditation and poses that help to improve physical and emotional health. She personally offers a signature meditation workshop from her studio as part of her work ØNE beauty project.

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“I believe in empowering others to reach their highest potential and care about both the physical and mental health of our patients. We combine art and medicine to create exceptional aesthetic results, individually tailored,” says Dr Jonquille.

“We help align the inner and outer beauty of our patients – and encourage them to celebrate it. We are already considered globally to be one of the top clinics in the world for our expertise in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine and research. Now we aim to be the leading clinic to blend not only physical appearance and health but also mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.”

Dr Jonquille’s experience as a surgeon, with a special interest in minimally-invasive trauma, facial deformity and scarring management, allows her to pioneer and innovate new procedures worldwide.

With many strings to her bow, Dr Chantrey is also the few official International Botox, Juvéderm and CoolSculpting lecturers in the area – in fact, she has scientifically developed and launched 3 of the 5 available Juvederm dermal fillers on the market.

Dr Jonquille travels extensively teaching other advanced experts throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and America.

As an ex-Manchester High School for Girls student, she supports the bursary fund which helps underprivileged, talented girls to benefit from education there.

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This year, she expanded and rebranded her clinic to include a development studio to teach international doctors her expertise.

Evidently, she’s an extremely busy lady but her patients from the Manchester area are her priority.

“I’ve treated thousands of patients from the area over the years,” she explains. “There is something very special about the people of Greater Manchester. Our diversity, art, fashion and music culture creates a different energy that I still love to be a part of.”

Her work is a testament to the fact she has a very large waiting list, a basic Botox appointment can be a four-month wait. Frequently named as one of the leading doctors not only in the UK but worldwide, Dr Jonquille certainly puts Manchester on the global map for anti-ageing medicine and aesthetics.

You can find out more about the clinic at oneaestheticstudio.com. 01625 585990, info@ oneaestheticstudio.com

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