Manchester's 30UNDER30 Naomi Ogbeta, Athlete

Athlete Naomi Ogbeta is ranked number one in the UK for the triple jump and is a 4-time British triple jump champion. Having only competed in triple jump since 2014, Ogbeta is already third best British female triple jumper of all time. Meanwhile, she has recently finished a degree in politics and quantitative methods at the University of Manchester.

A quick summary of your career and education:

I have competed in triple jump since 2014. I am ranked number one in the UK for triple jump and I am the 4x British triple jump champion, the third best British female triple jumper of all time. I have also recently finished my degree in Politics and Quantitative Methods at the University of Manchester.

What’s your most significant accomplishment to date?

My most significant accomplishment to date was making the finals of the European championships in Berlin, by jumping a British U23 record of 14.15m.

ARLO, Manchester’s 30UNDER30 2019 Edition

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by my younger brother Nathanael who plays for Manchester City Centre U23 team and has captained England U17s. He has been playing football since he was six and his passion and drive to achieve has motivated me.

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How has living and working in Manchester helped you achieve your goals?

 I have lived in Salford most of my life. The main reason stayed in Manchester instead of relocating like many athletes do is because of the amazing set up I have here. I have been working with my coach Tom Cullen for five years, I train at Sport City and Longford Park in Trafford which are great facilities. Having a great local team around me has kept me in great shape and allowed me to become one of Britain’s best triple jumpers.

What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

I would say don’t rush to achieve your goals, everything will happen when its meant to even if it’s painful now, it’s all learning.

What are your goals of 2019?

My goals for 2019 are to win the European U23 championships in Gavle, Sweden. I would like to qualify for the Doha World Championships and to continue to raise money for Barnabus MCR through my athletics photography campaign.

Where do you see yourself in twenty years’ time?

 In 20 years time I see myself as a world record holder in the triple jump. I also see myself presenting and creating.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in your career so far?

The biggest challenge was not jumping far enough to get selected for 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast. I felt like I was so close but so far away, watching the results of the match on my phone was really hard as I longed to be there. I overcame this challenge by no longer trying so hard to chase standards but to enjoy the event as much as possible and believe in God’s plan for my life! Disappointments have taught me to trust the process as everything that is meant for me will happen in due time.

One word that sums you up best? 


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