What Is Influencer Marketing?

Charly Booth, Head of Influencer Marketing at Engage Hub, shares her insights on what makes influencer marketing work.

For those who don’t know, what is influencer marketing is?

Influencer marketing is the use of influential people within a particular sector to promote a certain product. You can easily reach your target market through an influencer who has an audience filled predominately with your target demographic.


Do you think perceptions of influencer today are accurate?

Even though IM has been around for a few years now, many brands still struggle when choosing the correct influencers which is why you often see the same celeb faces promoting anything and everything. IM is much more than just putting a product on someone’s feed with 1 million followers, it’s about assessing their audience, the credibility, the ROI and creating a campaign concept.

How has influencer marketing changed in recent years?

We’re seeing more visibility on what is an ad and what is gifted products, along with Instagram’s option to add ‘paid promotion with’ above a post, clearly marking it as an advertisement. As with many marketing techniques, audiences become wise to the constant plugging of different products and immediately switch off when they see the same few faces promoting a new fitness tea for example, so brands often won’t see a big ROI when going for this approach in their campaigns. With my campaigns, I always create a larger concept that the influencers are a part of; we make everything genuine and authentic, and we never use influencers that aren’t totally invested in the product and are comfortable recommending it to their audience. Influencer marketing is all about transparency.


Why is influencer marketing a vital tool for business’ marketing campaigns in 2018?

If done right, it’s an amazing marketing technique that offers amazing ROI. You’re able to tap into niche audiences easily, you’ve got complete control of the creative process and who sees the posts.


Why is influencer marketing a key service for Engage Hub?

We knew the power that influencers harnessed, and how valuable their content creation skills were. With myself already heavily invested in following content creators, bloggers and influencers on the rise, we had the perfect foundations to develop the influencer side of the business and begin building our roster and campaign concepts. 


What makes Engage Hub’s approach to influencer marketing different?

We go further than a single post with #ad – we create a narrative around the brand, their product and their ethos. We evoke emotion from our target audience and get consumers invested in the brand. We also include influencer engagement in our campaigns – influencers interacting with one another in the same campaign to strengthen engagement and the authenticity of our campaigns. Our campaign for toothpaste Blanx took them from being a forgotten brand to having every micro influencer and blogger trying their products and talking about them online. The main consensus online after our micro influencer campaign was, ‘Im seeing this brand everywhere! Where can I try their products?!’.

What sort of businesses is influencer marketing right for?

Sometimes businesses think it only works for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands, but it can work for any brand as long as you do the correct research into your audience and create an engaging campaign concept. It’s all about sourcing the correct people. Our campaign with Betfred for the world cup worked incredibly; we sourced influencers in sporting to take part with the influencers commenting on each other’s posts, giving banter about who they supported for the world cup. It made the campaign so much more authentic.

How do you make sure that an influencer marketing campaign succeeds for your clients?

By working closely with the influencer to create the best content possible, we work out peak engagement times and assess content that their audience will react best to. We make sure we feel confident that our influencers care about the brand and their ethos as much as we do. It’s amazing to work with an influencer on a campaign who genuinely loves the brand’s message and wants the campaign to succeed. We also provide in-depth analytics at the end of the campaign (these are monitored throughout) to make sure we’re meeting targets and reaching our audience, second by second as the content is delivered online.

How do you think influencer marketing will change over the next few years? 

Micro influencers are already on the rise and there’s no stopping it! We’re definitely about to see a huge crackdown on fake followers and engagwement. Instagram may roll out the ‘paid partnership’ feature to all influencers on their platform so everyone can disclose their ads in the same way.

Charly Booth at AMAGAZINE’s 20 Hottest Startups Networking Event
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