Airsorted's Rise in Manchester, Hassle-Free Airbnb Hosting

Thinking about getting into Airbnb or have a property that’s sitting empty? Host your home the easy way with help from Tom Pickersgill.

We find out how Airbnb hosting can be hassle-free as Airsorteds Manchester City Manager Tom Pickersgill answers your burning questions about how Airsorted works and how it can help you.


Tom Pickersgill, Airsorted Manchester City Manager[/caption]


“I’m always meeting hosts around the city which is something that I really enjoy. It’s great to get to know our hosts and hear how Airsorted has allowed them time to travel, relax or pursue new hobbies.”


What is Airsorted?                                                                                                           

“Airsorted makes home-sharing hassle free. Our mission is to build a global platform that makes it easy for everyone to share their home. We market our hosts’ homes for short-lets, then look after guests from start to finish with 24/7 support. Taking care of keys, cleaning and laundry between stays. Airsorted has become the leading hosting management platform in the world, with thousands of hosts’ properties listed across accommodation booking platforms like Airbnb, Booking.com and HomeAway. To date, Airsorted has organised and managed over £30 million in bookings. By being technology-driven and offering 24/7 guest support, Airsorted allows hosts to step BACK from the day-to-day tasks which accompany home-sharing and maximise the revenue on their property.”

What’s your role at Airsorted?                                                                                                     

“My role at Airsorted is Manchester City Manager. Day-to-day, I oversee our operation in Manchester and ensure that processes are running smoothly. I’m always meeting hosts around the city which is something that I really enjoy. It’s great to get to know our hosts and hear how Airsorted has allowed them time to travel, relax or pursue new hobbies. Alongside ensuring an efficient operation and growing the Manchester team, it is important to drive Airsorted’s footprint in the city. This involves working with local contractors, engaging with nearby businesses and getting stuck in with the local communities.”

Why did Airsorted decide to come to Manchester?                                     

“Manchester is a popular destination and I am proud to manage Airsorted’s operation in this unique city. Manchester offers a multitude of attractions, museums and restaurants; there really is no shortage of things to do or see. The positive Mancunian spirit and togetherness, combined with many diverse districts, makes Manchester an amazing city to visit. To be a truly global company, it is imperative that Airsorted arrived in Manchester.”

Why should I choose Airsorted?                                                                                                

 “You should choose Airsorted if you want to host, hassle-free. We provide a 360-degree service, handling the management of host properties from creating listings with professional photography, to maintenance and restocking of household items, to 24/7 guest support, cleaning and provision of hotel quality linen. We really care about the guest experience – so much so that our linen supplier also supplies The Lowry Hotel! As a host with Airsorted, you can take advantage of our powerful in-house pricing algorithm. This algorithm takes into account local events, seasonality, local occupancy areas, reviews and more to maximise the price per night whilst maintaining a healthy occupancy. Alongside a dedicated Client Success Manager, our hosts can log into their Host Dashboard. This dashboard provides an overview of their earnings, allows them to manage their calendar availability and control their account. Airsorted also has a great team! We have over 140 employees worldwide, attracting talent from tech giants such as Uber, Deliveroo and Google.”

How many properties do I need to use Airsorted?

“You can get started with Airsorted by letting your own home. Airsorted hosts range from regular travellers to property developers. If you are away from your home travelling for work or on holiday, you can monetise that empty space. We are very used to taking care of everything whilst an owner is travelling. Our hosts often mention how Airsorted helped to fund their trip! If you are thinking of using Airbnb, now is a great time to get started. There is always something happening in Manchester and you will quickly generate positive reviews to maximise income throughout the Christmas and New Year period.”


Airsorted Success Stories

Meet the ‘Travelling Doctor’ Katrina Stranks

Meet Katrina, a Melbourne-based host who came to Airsorted to manage her property when she decided to take a six-week trip around Europe. “I knew I was going away for an extended period of time and it seemed silly to me to have a house that is in such a perfect location go vacant,” Katrina explains. “I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I like things done properly. Airsorted appealed to me because I wasn’t going to be in Australia, so Airsorted was the perfect outsourcing of management. The first benefit would be it paying for my trip, but it would also help me enjoy my time more because I wouldn’t have to worry about things being properly done. Everything is taken seriously: safety, the screening of guests; the process is very clear and professional.”

“Monica’s been my main point of contact and she’s been very helpful. She’s always been very quick to get BACK to me about questions or anything else. She’s gone above and beyond. She even said, ‘your house is your biggest asset, we know that and so we won’t ever take it lightly.’ It’s very reassuring for me.”


Meet Executive Jetsetters Neil & Mehjabeen



Bristol-based hosts, Neil Patrick and his wife Mehjabeen, let out their property using Airsorted earlier this year. Mehjabeen is a CFO while Neil runs his own ad agency which means their plans rarely coincide. Neil explains, “We’re based in Clifton Wood, a lot of people visit this part of town. We absolutely love the house but also go away quite a lot, so with the advent of Airbnb, we realised there was a great opportunity. The timing of it was perfect, and because Airsorted take care of it all for you, we could move forward with listing our property on Airbnb without worrying. We were onsite with a week; everything was really smooth. It’s a more reliable service than what we could provide, so it means we can switch off. We wouldn’t be on Airbnb without Airsorted.”

“Every time we list it, it’s rented. We’ve had 100% occupancy. It gives us the opportunity to take more breaks, and also contributes to the cost of the house. We recently were able to go to Milan because of it. My wife was there for work and so I listed the property and within 24 hours there were 2 requests to book. This meant we could travel together, knowing it was all covered.”

Visit airsorted.uk/manchester to discover how much your home could earn or give them a call on +44 161 768 0961 to speak with an expert.


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