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Meet the bridging finance company supporting Manchesters growth

With more cranes on our skyline than any other UK city, it’s clear that Manchester is on the rise. We’re seeing more businesses than ever putting down roots in Manchester and many entrepreneurial Mancs starting their own ventures here too. One of these innovative Mancunians is serial entrepreneur, Ansar Mahmood. On a mission to help Manchester grow, Ansar has spent the last twenty years driving our city’s finance industry.

Ansar at AMAGAZINE’s Umbrella Ball 2018

“There’s nothing better than being able to support exciting projects and help businesses grow at the right time for them.”

Through his chartered accountancy firm, Pomegranate Consulting, and property development company Legend Property Group, Ansar and his team of trusted advisors have earnt a solid reputation for helping businesses grow across the UK. Building on this wealth of experience, Ansar has now founded bridging finance company, Fluid Trust.

In today’s financial climate, it seems that banks are less willing than ever to lend. This is where Fluid Trust comes in. Many businesses have the drive and ambition to expand but they don’t have the cash readily available. Securing funds from a traditional lender can often be a long process filled with negotiation, but Fluid Trust allows businesses to seize the day and take that next vital step. Whether you’ve found the perfect premises or need some new machinery but don’t have the funds to buy it, Fluid Trust provide short-term financial solutions when businesses need funding fast.

Supported by Operations Director Will Jackson, Fluid Trust are committed to continuing Manchesters rapid growth. Fluid’s loans are secured against businesses’ assets (this could be a building or even a brand) and they will lend up to 70% of the value of that asset. Will says “Fluid’s accessible and dependable service means that we’re dedicated to assessing applications quickly and effectively”.

Will Jackson

Funds for Fluid Trust’s bridging loans are raised through Fluid Bonds. As is the company’s philosophy, Fluid’s Bond allows you to get results sooner. Fluid’s Bond is a type of Innovative Finance ISA which promises an attractive interest rate of 6% per annum fixed for the three years in which the bonds are held. Not only this but unlike other bonds which pay interest annually, the Fluid ISA delivers interest quarterly and is tax-free for investments up to £20,000. Rather than putting your money in an account where it grows slowly, or not at all, the Fluid ISA is a smart investment that could allow you to get some extra income sooner, rather than years down the line.

Ansar’s latest venture is a culmination of his experience in the world of finance and his pride for our city. Ansar says, “Having lived and worked in Manchester all my life, I’ve seen the city go from strength to strength and recognised that I could be part of giving Manchester the push it needs and deserves.” Fluid Trust are willing to take risks for the Manchester community because, as Ansar sees it, it’s not much of a risk when you’re betting on the city’s greatest asset: it’s people. “I see such an entrepreneurial drive across Manchester, especially right now,” he says, “so there’s nothing better than being able to support exciting projects and help businesses grow at the right time for them”.

Find out more at fluidtrust.com.

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