Manchester's 30UNDER30 Soraya Hassanzadeh, Business Analyst at CO-OP

Currently working at CO-OP, Soraya Hassanzadeh is a senior business analyst with a track record of delivering a range of successful digital projects for retail and financial industries. Soraya delivers projects in international markets via a mix of channels including, web, mobile, native apps and high street outlets.

What’s your most significant accomplishment to date?

Enjoying what I do in a city I love. Leading key digital transformation projects worldwide across e-commerce and retail which has put me at the forefront of innovation and technology, including being featured as one of the top 30 women in tech in Manchester.

Who inspires you?

I admire people from all walks of life but what really inspires me is being around passionate people who want to grow and create. Their energy is contagious and makes everyone feel good.

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How has living in Manchester helped you achieve your goals?

I moved to Manchester from the North East five years ago and since have encountered endless opportunities. The city is booming with networking events, career advice and amazing social scenes. It really is a hub of creativity and entrepreneurship.

What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

You’re never going to get anything you don’t at least ask for. Be brave enough to take chances.

Where do you see yourself in twenty years’ time?

Leading innovation in the retail industry, pioneering emerging technology and helping businesses across the globe meet their digital goals. Coaching, leading and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

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