30 Under 30 Nathanial Tofan, Head Chef at Manchester House

Nathanial Tofan (Nat) was born and raised in Nottingham. Through working in his family’s restaurant Nat knew he had found his passion and despite pressure to continue further into higher education at the age of 18 he embarked on a career as a chef.  Nat started work as an apprentice chef at a city centre restaurant, where he learnt the basics before working for David Lem at Vienna in Nottingham.  A year in Paris followed where he continued to build his culinary foundations.

In 2011 Nat moved to Manchester and was a key part of the launch of Australasia, Living Ventures’ high energy Pan Asian fine dining restaurant. Following the success of Australasia in 2013 Nat joined Aiden Byrne at Manchester House, the elegant and contemporary fine dining destination he collaborated on with Living Ventures.  Working alongside Aiden in the development kitchen for 6 months before launching Manchester House, Nat had been a key lieutenant to Aiden in the Manchester House team.

After taking a short sabbatical in 2015 to experience new cultures and flavours whilst travelling in Europe and beyond, Nat was welcomed BACK to Manchester House as Aiden’s Senior Sous Chef in 2016 and in September 2017 he was appointed Head Chef at Manchester House.  Since taking the reins Nat has certainly made his mark creating a range of brand new menus, for which he’s received rave reviews.


“Manchester has been good to me, its diversity and welcoming nature has presented many an opportunity.”


What’s your most significant accomplishment to date?

Taking on the mantle at Manchester House was a significant moment.

What inspires you?

Many things inspire me it could be music, the weather, people, something I’ve eaten or just everyday simple experiences.

How has working in Manchester helped you achieve your goals?

Manchester has been good to me, its diversity and welcoming nature has presented many an opportunity, which has helped me on my way.

What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

Be patient, listen and observe. Never be afraid to ask questions. Stay motivated and never drop your standards.

What are your business goals for 2018?

To continue to make Manchester House as efficient as possible, with a strong focus on customer service and keeping the guest at the forefront of what we do.  Also to nurture young talent and create a happy working environment `happy guests, happy staff, happy food!


Where do you see yourself in twenty years’ time?

Well other than perhaps heading into 10 Downing Street Realistically I envisage myself still in the industry I know and love, pioneering new techniques, nurturing/mentoring upcoming talent, sharing my passion in a variety of ways, the opportunities are endless.

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