Manchester's 30UNDER30 Kasia Kenyon, Head of Online Trade at The Hut Group

Head of Online Trade at The Hut Group, Kasia Kenyon is a 29-year-old fashion enthusiast who graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with first-class honours in International Fashion Marketing. 

Kasia started her first job at luxury retailer Flannels in Manchester where she began as an E-commerce Assistant; over the five years she was there, she progressed to E-commerce Manager. In her current role, she oversees four fashion and lifestyle sites: Coggles.com, AllSole.com, MyBag.com and TheHut.com. Each site has a completely different consumer which Kasia sees as an exciting challenge in itself as she gets to work with a vast array of exciting brands.

What’s your most significant accomplishment to date?

It would have to be winning newcomer of the year at The Hut Group annual awards, moving jobs, to begin with, was a big step at the time and to be rewarded that achievement confirmed that risks are worth taking.

On more of a personal note, it would be buying and renovating my first house at 24, this taught me a lot of key skills, which I have been able to use in my work world too. As well as fashion I love interior design, I took inspiration from the 60s/70s with my furniture (mostly from eBay and charity shops) and then decorated in pops of colour, like pink and emerald green – luckily my partner is into design too so it was a good project to work together on.

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What inspires you?

The industry I work in inspires me and without this, I wouldn’t be as passionate about my job. Fashion and e-commerce are incredibly fast-paced, so working with both you have to have your finger on the pulse at all times and being a confessed online shopaholic also helps as I have learnt how important the overall customer journey is.

Also to add to this, the team I work with inspires me on a daily basis, as a manager, I really believe that you are only as good as the team underneath you.

How has working in Manchester helped you achieve your goals?

You automatically think that to work in fashion you have to be in London, which is definitely not the case, Manchester is a hub of retail across both fast and luxury fashion. I am a home girl, so to be able to live and work close to my family and friends gives me a good work/life balance.

What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

Getting the grades through university and college is important but your enthusiasm, passion and hard work will see you through to where you want to go.

What are your business goals for 2018?

To continue to learn and develop. I am surrounded by an incredible team and network at THG, so my goal is to keep working hard and absorb as much as I can.

Where do you see yourself in twenty years’ time?

From a work perspective, I still see myself in e-commerce due to the ever-changing nature, which is the best thing about the industry but would want to be in a CEO type of role where I can oversee and manage all functions of a business.

Both my career and family life are important to me and as a woman, I strongly believe you can have both so I also see myself with a family and I would love to build my own house, I am not one for a slow easy life!

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