Manchester's 30UNDER30 Chloé Cotard, Co-Founder & Creative Director at Jolie Studio

Chloé Cotard is the co-founder and creative director at Jolie Studio, an interior design studio based in Manchester.






“Manchester has definitely played a part in achieving my goals and I can now call it my home.”


What’s your most significant accomplishment to date?

Starting Jolie Studio is without a doubt my biggest achievement so far, especially since it emerged from the toughest decision I’ve ever had to make. Moving to another country, leaving a comfortable home and my family to follow my dream hasn’t been a walk in the park, I must say. Every aspect of my life had to change. It was essential that I got used to my new everyday environment and that I adapted to feel like I fit here. And I only managed to feel at home in Manchester through learning English. It was a completely new language, so I’m very proud to be able to convey my ideas and personality now. Though I’m stressing the difficulty of this experience, I have grown a lot in the process, and I’ve learned more than just the language. I am more perseverant and determined, and I’m convinced that it gave me the drive to launch Jolie Studio with Franky.

Who/what inspires you?

The two people who have inspired me my whole life are my parents. They both had, in different ways, an incredible life and career. They started with nothing, but they believed in the value of hard work. Nothing comes without efforts. Only you can achieve the goals you set for yourself by giving it your all.
My mum and dad also taught me how to believe in myself and not to let people tell me otherwise. They allowed me to see with my own eyes and to learn from my mistakes. Failing only means that you have to try again. It’s not easy, for sure. It’s discouraging at times. The easy solution doesn’t always exist. But they’ve shown me that we can all forge our lives into something to be proud of. And it’s so rewarding once you realise how far you’ve come, sometimes even literally!
I will be forever grateful that they instilled those values in me. 

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How has living/working in Manchester helped you achieve your goals?

Manchester is such a lively and welcoming city. Not once did I feel judged for being a foreigner and not speaking English properly. And the city seems warm despite the persistent rain! Somehow, connecting with people went pretty smoothly even though I had difficulties communicating with all of my thoughts. I’ve made great friends, met a fantastic man who supports me unconditionally and found a complementary business partner. I have been given amazing opportunities and met some incredible people. Manchester has definitely played a part in achieving my goals and I can now call it my home.

What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

What are your business goals for 2018?

As Jolie Studio is coming up to its first year anniversary, our main goal is to make sure people understand who we are and what we are all about. We want to share and communicate our enthusiasm and drive as much as we can. We’ll continue to look for new talents and passionate people to be part of the adventure. Obviously, we want to keep growing steadily, so we’re going to keep being open to opportunities and keep working hard.

Where do you see yourself in twenty years’ time?

It’s a little hard to imagine what I’ll be doing in twenty years when the past few years of my life have been so unpredictable! But I truly hope that Jolie Studio will have developed and reached other cities and maybe even other countries. Since our company is the result of two cultures coming together, I could see more cultures inspire our concept and designs. That would also imply that Jolie Studio will stay true to its original approach and message, which is essential to me. It will adapt and evolve as I did, but I plan on preserving our core concepts. Let’s also hope that our business ventures will allow us to travel all around the world to keep us inspired and fresh! Getting to know new cultures means learning over and over again, and I never want to lose this. I never want to say “I feel like I have nothing more to discover, I’m done.” I love working on projects that are different and challenging. I can see that still being true in twenty years.

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