30 Under 30 Barney Mersich, Head of Digital at Guerrilla Marketing

Barney Mersich is Head of Digital at Guerrilla Marketing. 

“I like to think I’m quite the laid BACK individual, but when the situation demands it I have no problems getting serious. I love exploring philosophy and listening to modern philosophers (Terrence McKenna, Alan Watts, etc.) as well as older, more ancient theories. I enjoy both listening to and performing music. I’m Grade 8 in Drum Kit, Grade 5 in Piano, and taught myself guitar in high school where I won several music awards. Shortly after coming to uni, a close friend taught me how to DJ, and I have played in some of Manchesters most iconic venues such as Antwerp Mansion and Joshua Brooks/Versions. I also played an electric drum kit in an experimental live produced techno group ‘On The Spot’ at CUBO in Fallowfield.”


“I originally moved here to study chemical engineering, but I fell in love with the nightlife.”


What inspires you?

Success inspires me. My success and other peoples’ success. I’m currently reading the Memoirs of Phil Knight (founder of Nike) and I love it, the obstacles he had to overcome is definitely inspiring.

How has living in Manchester helped you achieve your goals?

I originally moved here to study chemical engineering, but I fell in love with the nightlife. I worked multiple times a week at a local nightclub doing promotion, bar work, photography, creating promo videos, I was lighting operator 2 or 3 times a week at one point. I realised I enjoyed this more than University, so I think the city unlocked something in me and helped me find what I wanted to do. to realise my goal, then through working at clubs/bars I met my current boss and here I am.

What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

Chill out! Don’t worry so much about things that are out of your control. Start every task by thinking about what needs to be done and how, instead of rushing in head on.

What are your business goals for 2018?

Progressing up within the company, managing a group of people and taking a crucial role in our expansion into the USA.

Our first annual Manchesters ‘30 Under 30’ highlights young people who are the best of the best in our city. If you’d like to be featured in 2019’s ‘30 Under 30please contact info@amagazine.co.uk.


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