Manchester's 30UNDER30 Anthony Scott Logan, CEO of Noir Agency

Anthony Logan is an award-winning entrepreneur from Manchester and the CEO of Noir Agency.

Anthony has always had a strong passion for great branding, and design with purpose. Although setting up a branding communications agency seemed a natural path for him to follow, it was not always a straightforward one. Hailing from Lincolnshire, England originally, where Anthony was an art school drop-out, he took the unconventional route to success.

Making his way across the Pennines to Manchester, here is where he founded National Fashion and Lifestyle magazine La Vida – which he grew and exited after two years. After being headhunted, he then took up the helm as Head of Design at international fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing. In this post, Anthony was able to experience the trials and triumphs of working at a raw start-up and to see it blossom into the global giant it is today.

His varied experience shows he is no stranger to business, and this coupled with a desire to build an agency that was strategic, and brand-led but inherently digital, Noir was born. His business acumen, design and digital skills all self-taught – but his vision came naturally.

Brand has never been as important as it is right now, most branding models have become obsolete in this disruptive marketplace. We have set out to build an agency that works with breakthrough brands who are invested in their vision and are looking to build their business in the digital landscape, future-proofing them for years to come.” said Logan

With a global mindset and a work ethic to eclipse others, Anthony challenges himself and the team each day to constantly evaluate and improve their position in the marketplace and the thinking they can offers clients. By this perpetual drive to disrupt and challenge the norm, Anthony has already led Noir to an enviable position within not only the Manchester scene but allowed the agency to start to compete on a global level currently working with clients in London, Manchester and in Silicon Valley, America.


“One of the greatest things about Manchester is that it is a city of collaboration and everyone’s in it together to make it prosper.”


What’s your most significant accomplishment to date?|

In my early 20s, I moved across the Pennines from Lincolnshire to Manchester after dropping out of Art School to found my first business venture, a Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine, which I grew and exited after two years. I then moved on to head up the creative team at what was then a start-up, international fashion e-tailer, prettylittlething.com. Both of these experiences had their trials, their triumphs and shaped me.

My passion for branding and design led me to build Noir. We are a strategic branding agency with a team made up of developers, strategists and designers.

Since we founded Noir in late 2016 we have worked with a variety of exciting businesses across many sectors, winning multiple awards, including best brand agency 2017, start-up of the year 2017 as well as being listed as finalists in the best digital agency category at this years prolific north awards. I myself was also a finalist in the young digital entrepreneur category of the DEA awards.

Who/what inspires you?

I’ve recently spent a lot of time in Silicon Valley, the heart of technology and inspiration. I feel privileged to live in this exciting and fast-paced world, where we are witnessing the rise of an immensely broad range of new technologies, all of which provide inspiration and opportunity. There are also less physical constraints than there have ever been, we can communicate with anybody, anywhere in the world at a moments notice, we can travel across the world faster than we have ever been able to before. All of this allows us to explore, to meet incredible people and to unlock endless possibilities.

How has living/working in Manchester helped you achieve your goals?

One of the greatest things about Manchester is that it is a city of collaboration and everyone’s in it together to make it prosper. I moved here eight years ago without knowing anybody and without any qualifications. This city inspired me, tested me and presented amazing opportunities to me. You just have to put in the work.

What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

Not all advice is good advice. Oftentimes people around you will be quick to tell you that it can’t be done, or you will be influenced by negativity. Don’t let this hold you BACK. Step out of your comfort zone and ensure that you surround yourself with positive, driven people – because with ambition and the right people around you, you will succeed.

What are your business goals for 2018?

At the beginning of the year, we outgrew our Manchester office and moved into a much larger space (attach pictures) to house our current team of 10. In the coming year we are aiming to double the size of our team and expand our current offering.

We are also looking to expand our business geographically, we currently have a base in both London and San Francisco and following successful client wins in both cities, we aim to increase our footprint across both areas.

Where do you see yourself in twenty years’ time?

Our world moves so quickly that it is very difficult to predict the future, or where I see myself. I do know that I love the challenges, the highs and the lows that come with running a business. I didn’t start the company with the intention of getting in and getting out, it’s important to me that we build something that is going to make a difference to peoples lives. I want to leave a legacy. I will continue to work on my own personal development and look to create opportunities for Noir and see where this takes us all.


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