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Adam Kamami is the Head of Kamani Property Group, a global leader in the ownership of commercial, residential and industrial buildings.


“The way people traditionally view property is fairly old-fashioned and at Kamani Property Group we are changing how that is done…The millennial is the new breed of consumer and you have to adapt to that and cater for the new generation and their new way of thinking.”


Adam was raised in Chorlton, Manchester and grew up in a house of 18 people including his parents, brothers, grandparents and cousins. Business has always been a key factor in the Kamani family, with Adam and his brother launching online clothing retailer PrettyLittleThing BACK in 2012. Adam became chief executive of the group 2 years ago and has taken on a vast portfolio of commercial property that his family have acquired over the last 30 years. Although their roots and major investments are in Manchester, Kamani Property Group’s assets span to major cities across the world including London, Mumbai, Dubai and NYC.


What makes Manchester a great place to start a business?

Manchester is an ever-expanding, thriving community with a great cultural scene and these aspects are contributing massively to providing a great environment for new and young businesses to thrive. The city has become much more economically viable in recent years and has a fantastic pool of local talent. Even local businesses have an extremely friendly nature, making working together within the same industry and district so much easier.


What makes a great startup in 2018?

I believe that the key to success for a startup in 2018 is the team you surround yourself with. If the team dynamics are wrong from the offset, this can then lead to serious issues down the line. You’re only ever as good as the people you surround yourself with and I am extremely lucky in the fact that I have a team who I can rely on and trust wholeheartedly.


What inspired you to start the business?

I’ve always had a keen interest in the property sector, but I would say my family are my biggest inspiration when it came to launching Kamani Property Group. A passion to do whatever it takes to succeed has been at the root of our family since the beginning. My brothers are great inspirations for me and we are very big on empowering each other and working together.


What makes your business stand out from the crowd?

The traditional perception of the industry is that it’s an older generation’s game. Even the way people traditionally view property is fairly old-fashioned and at Kamani Property Group we are changing how that is done. You need to be able to relate to new buyers, talking with them and not down to them. The millennial is the new breed of consumer and you have to adapt to that and cater for the new generation and their new way of thinking. We’re not saying that we want to reinvent the wheel, but if you can add a twist to make it more dynamic and pioneering then why wouldn’t you?


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What surprised you the most when setting up your business?

I’d say what surprised me the most about setting up the business is how quickly you learn the ins and outs of everything around your business. From the systems to the people and all the little things that click and make the bigger picture. It’s fascinating when you start to see it coming to life.


What keeps you motivated?

What keeps me motivated is seeing the successes of my team. I have such a strong team around me and watching their achievements and seeing how they adapt to changes within their roles brings me a lot of inspiration.


How does your business help give BACK to Manchester?

Manchester is currently having a great time when it comes to property and we have come across a lot of opportunities where we can add value. People are getting nervous about the high prices and whether it is going to burst but it is a credit to Manchester that foreign investors see potential here. I believe it is still in an upward phase for the next two years and it is a good place to put your money.


What are your business goals for the next 3 years?

Some of my business goals for the next 3 years include my ambition to revolutionise real estate. There’s been a huge shift in the way people are viewing property now that everything has moved to online: examples of this could include using video to entice potential buyers rather than photos and losing the 10% agent fees to make it more cost effective for the consumer. An additional business goal is again to do with my team. The team have grown from 5 people to 16 people in the last 2 years and it’s all thanks to the hard work and opportunity that they continually put into place. Talent attracts talent and I’d love to see this number grow again over the next 3 years.

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