Manchester's 20 Hottest Startups J'adore Models

Sam Fry and Jess Ludlam are the Founders of J’adore Models, a boutique model agency based in Manchester.



“Manchester is a place full of music, history, and culture, and its people are full of humour and grit. It supports young, independent talent and welcomes ripping up the rule book.”


Sisters Sam and Jess started J’adore Models in 2012 with a vision to create the UK’s best new model agency. The company represents models and influencers across the UK and internationally. 


What makes Manchester a great place to start a business?

Manchester is rapidly becoming a central hub for fast fashion and houses some of the biggest names in the industry. It’s a place full of music, history, culture, and its people are full of humour and grit. It supports young, independent talent and welcomes ripping up the rule book. It picks itself up, learns from experiences and moves forwards stronger – a quality that is engrained in everything we do.

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What makes a great startup in 2018?

A business that does things differently and leads the way. A business that doesn’t copy other people’s ideas and successes but uses their own experiences, passions and influences to drive their own success and create a strong brand, staying true to its roots.


What inspired you to start the business?

Wanting to do something different – we saw there was a gap in the market. Manchester didn’t have the same quality and calibre of models as other markets but definitely had the people and the potential to. We wanted to change the stigma of London being the only UK market with top models and showcase what our city and beyond has to offer. We want Manchester to be recognised for being fresh and relevant.   


What makes your business stand out from the crowd?

J’adore Models is genuinely a family business; we care and we’re passionate and this runs throughout the agency. All of our models feel part of the J’adore Models family and support each other. We work hard and play hard. Everybody loves their job, from bookers to models, to our team of creatives. We dedicate time to focusing on career development for every single model on our books, listening to their ideas and goals, and guiding them to go out and smash them.

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What surprised you the most when setting up your business?

How many models wanted to join the agency – even established models were approaching us, wanting to move forward in a different direction. Although we are Manchester based, our clients don’t stop there: we book globally on a daily basis giving our models the amazing opportunity to travel the world, loving what they do.


What keeps you motivated?

Our continued success! We’re super proud of the great reputation we have built over the last five years, along with building a strong team to keep us growing stronger. The gratitude of our models goes such a long way to keeping us driven. They’re down to earth and humble and they recognise how hard we work for them, making us want to work even harder.

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How does your business help give back to Manchester?

We support local homelessness charity, The Mustard Tree, and all of our models donate from their own fees annually and the agency will then match this, along with £2 from every copy of our non-profit Zine sold. We collaborate with homegrown talent, supporting and representing local creatives in photography, makeup and styling. We’re based in Ancoats and we’re proud of our roots, regularly showcasing the area and vibe on our social feeds.


What are your business goals for the next 3 years?

To carry on growing, nurturing and developing the next superstars of the modelling world. We aim to grow our booking team and to continue taking over the Manchester fashion scene and beyond.


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