10 Most Influential Mancunians Is Back!

Are you one of Manchester’s most influential professionals?

Calling Manchester professionals, we want to celebrate you! Since the success of AMAGAZINE’s ‘Manchesters ‘30UNDER30’ and ‘Manchesters 20 Hottest Startups’, we’re now looking to celebrate Manchesters most influential professionals 2020!

AMAGAZINE knows Manchester is on the rise, so we want to hear from some of the biggest movers and shakers in our city. Whatever sector you’re working in, we want to get your insights about your industry and the future of Manchester. You don’t have to be born and bred in Manchester, just as long as you have a strong connection to our city. 

If this sounds like someone you know, why not nominate them?

To nominate, please email info@amagazine.co.uk with:

  • Nominee’s name
  • Nominee’s industry
  • Nominee’s contact email
  • Your name
  • Your contact email  
  • Why you think they’re one of our city’s most influential Mancunians.



We can’t wait for your nominations!


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