Tast Comes to Manchester

Celebrate the best of Calatan cuisine at new Manchester restaurant Tast Cuina Catalana

This Catalonia kitchen transports you to Northern Spain where you and your friends will be sharing small plates called ‘tastlets’ and sipping on some world-renowned wines.

Get ready for foody surprises when visiting Tast! If you’re after something different, make sure you try these dishes…

‘Dunk’in Donut’: fois gras filled mini white choclate and raspberry doughnuts.

‘Espinacs a la catalana’: spinach with raisins and pine nut ice cream.

‘Calamarsets Farcits’: stuffed baby squid with egg and tomato.

For the less adventurous, there are some great sharing plates to dig in to with friends; and no, before you ask, it’s not tapas – we’re in Catalonia here so it’s ‘tastlets’. The red pepper croqueta and the chicken drumsticks with tiger prawns are some safer, equally delicious, options.

Taking sanctuary on King Street, Tast’s menu is curated and overseen by multi-Michelin star chef Paco Pérez. Head chef at Tast is Catalonia-born Miquel Villacrosa, a former head chef at Restaurant Cinco in Berlin who is set to give Manchester a taste of his delicious dining.

Head chef Miquel Villacrosa

Tast will be set over three floors (a casual dining and bar area on the ground floor, a first-floor dining room and a second floor with private rooms offering a tasting menu) to satisfy all us Manchester foodies.


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