Historic Restaurant to Open in Manchester

Get a taste of Bombay this winter as the much-loved restaurant Dishoom is set to open in Manchester.

You might not think Manchester and Bombay have anything in common, but Dishoom is here to show us otherwise. In the former Freemasons’ Hall on Bridge Street, Manchester will welcome the newest member of the Dishoom family to pay homage to old Irani cafes of Bombay.

Fewer than thirty Irani cafes remain after their peak in the 1960s, now Manchester will revive the historic link between Freemasonry and Bombay by transforming Manchester Hall into an elegant eatery.

Expect to see Dishoom classic The Big Bombay at the forefront of their menu, a plate filled with smoked streaky bacon, pork sausages, masala baked beans, grilled field mushroom, grilled tomato and buttered, home-made buns.

But that’s just the breakfast! Other Dishoom favourites we hope to see in Manchester are their Spicy Lamb Chops, marinated in lime, coriander and cumin, then grilled.

It will the perfect place to visit for a Dishoom date night and develop your future as you sit in a place with a historic past.

Though If a marriage proposal isn’t on the cards, maybe a business proposal needs finalising.

Looking at their current restaurants, it will be a great place to impress anyone.

So, how is Manchester and Bombay linked to Freemasonry? It is supposed that Freemasonry came to Bombay in 1758, and the links hide within a founding myth uncovered by the creative team behind Dishoom.

Immerse yourself in the tale of ‘The Tower of Silence‘ where a British private eye and an elusive Parsi journey between London, Manchester and Bombay.

You can read the full Dishoom Manchester story at dishoom.com

If the history between Manchester masonry and Bombay isn’t enough, the design will include original furniture an artefacts collected and restored from the remaining Irani cafes.

Even if you’re just an artefact enthusiast, Dishoom Manchester will be creating history on Bridge Street this winter. If you want a piece of it, watch this space for more information.









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