Ross Worswick is Manchester’s New Entrepreneur

Ross Worswick rose to reality TV fame on Ex On The Beach before setting up his own clothing company The Couture Club

Who is The Couture Club Man?

Our ideal customer is eighteen to thirty. The clothes are fashionable enough and cool enough for people who can afford to wear anything, but it’s affordable so younger people can wear it as well.

What are your favourite pieces from the A/W couture club collection?

We do a silk bomber. They’re a huge seller for us and one of my favourites. The Colman tracksuit has been a huge hit. Day to day, that’s one of my favourites because it’s comfy. You might go to the cinema, or for a casual meal, or shopping in it.

Tell us about your pop up store in The Trafford Centre.

It’s open until the fifth of January. Because it’s our first store, and we’re putting our reputation on the line, we’ve fitted it out to a level that’s the same as the other stores in The Trafford Centre.

What should we know about The Couture Club’s women’s collection?

Well the women’s clothing is Yeezy-esque. So, oversized denim jackets, slightly oversized hoodies. We’ve got a few tracksuits in there as well, and a few shirts.

How has the business grown over the last two years?

A year ago, it was just myself and my business partner Scott. We were packing in the warehouse, doing the customer service on the phone, doing Instagram, doing the photoshoots – everything, just the two of us. Now, I bring clothes out every single week for the menswear. Luckily, we know a lot of influencers and bloggers, and they’ve been really supportive and helped with opinions along the way. I love someone to tear my business apart; I’m all for it because it means that I can fix my weaknesses.

What did you find most challenging about setting up The Couture Club?

The hardest thing was the year and a half I spent before I even launched it getting messed about. Initially, I borrowed £1,000 from my Mum, so I had £5,000 to build a website, and to manufacture, and everything else. In the space of two years, I’ve come from one t-shirt to now having two-hundred-and-eighty-eight items on my site.

Who would you love to see wearing The Couture Club?

Bieber, or Beckham. I don’t feel like they’re out of reach. You’ve just got to put yourself in the right place for it to happen.

Describe your perfect jacket.

I’m quite big on oversized satin bomber jackets, so it’d probably be one of those with embroidery all over it. When I was in Dubai, I saw one for £25,000. I was just like ‘yeah, that’s never going to happen’.

Where do you like to eat in Manchester?

I absolutely love Tattu. Pan-Asian is my favourite type of food so it’s got to be one of my favourite restaurants. I remember when it was just a name on a piece of paper, before it was even a full business plan. I love Menagerie, Neighbourhood – there’s so many!

What’s your favourite reality TV show at the moment?

I’m going to say everyone’s favourite really – it’s got to be ‘Love Island’. Obviously, I’ve done reality TV, but I don’t really watch reality TV. [Laughs].

What do you like to watch on TV then?

My favourite TV show is Dragon’s Den. On a Sunday, I love getting on the couch and watching it. I like ideas, and you always see people who have come up with an idea, and someone picks a flaw in it, so then it can be made into something amazing.

What do you think makes a good reality TV show contestant?

I just think genuine people. I like nice people that say their opinion if they don’t agree with something. I hate it when people have arguments for no reason, but they do seem to do quite well. I love Chris and Kem. They just had a laugh. There’s nothing better than watching someone having fun and appreciating the experience they’re having.

Is it possible to find true love on a reality TV show?

It’s not happened to me yet, [laughs] but I would never rule it out. I think sometimes that stereotypes and friendship groups in the real world can limit you. When you’re put in a situation like that where there’s people from all different walks of life,

you’ve got a chance of finding something that you wouldn’t normally find on the outside.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Believe in yourself, and one day others will have no choice but to believe with you. I’ve got that tattooed on me. It’s one of the things my grandma said to me when I was younger. It’s so true. Because I’ve worked so hard and not given up, now everyone else believes with me. I think it’s about the sacrifice as well. When I first started, I didn’t get a wage for a year. Everyone thought because I’d done a reality show I must be doing alright [financially], but I was absolutely skint because I’d put everyone penny I had into my business.

Would you go on a reality TV show again?

I would do. If it was the right show for me, and the right time. I enjoy it [reality TV] each time I do it. It improves my business, and I enjoy meeting amazing people, some not so amazing, but you don’t have to hang around with them afterwards.

What’s your favourite destination?

I love LA. I’m going again for my birthday in April. I’ll do a photoshoot, celebrate my birthday at Coachella, and then I’ll chill for a week. I went to Thailand this year for the first time and I genuinely thought it was amazing. I want to go to Bali and The Bahamas – just have that island life with the white sand and the blue sea. 

What’s your secret talent?

Driving [racing] cars. Not many people know that I used to race cars when I was younger, and I raced go karts before that.

What celebrity would you rate as a perfect ten?

Olivia Culpo. She’s a model.

What would your perfect date be like?

I’d get a helicopter and fly us to the top of a mountain overlooking the sea and the sunset. I’d get all her favourite foods from whatever restaurants she wanted flown up, like UberEats helicoptered up there. We’d have a drink, and a little picnic, and then just relax and chat.

What or what will finally break the Internet?

I think it’s going to be the next big celebrity having a breakdown, or releasing a sex tape. I hope it doesn’t happen. Think about it, if the Internet breaks, then what would everyone in the world do because no one can work. I think at some point, when everyone’s on it, they’ll just stop it, and then they’ve got us all. It’s a good job I’m opening a shop really.

What’s the best and worst purchase you’ve ever made?

My best purchase is my new car. It’s amazing. It’s a Merc GLE Coupé. It’s got everything so I can drive to work dead happy now. My worst purchase is probably alcohol which happens every weekend. For some reason, I’m not learning. I’ll always buy it, then I’ll always drink it and wake up feeling terrible.

What’s your drink of choice?

I always start with a vodka Red Bull for a bit of energy, and then I have a vodka lime soda, but I don’t mind throwing a few Sambucas in there. I say a few, I’ll probably have about five. [Laughs]. Maybe an amaretto and coke too.

What’s your hangover cure?

Well it’s not a cure, but ten pence crisps that you get from the corner shop; the little onion rings. I buy five packets of each, and I get a pot noodle as well. I buy a Lucozade Orange Energy when I’m hungover – I think it makes me feel better – a Pepsi or a Fanta Fruit Twist, then I see a milkshake and think ‘Oh, I’ll throw that in there too’. I always have to get Mr Freeze ice lollies. I’m all for a bit of ice when I’m hungover.

How do you stay in shape?

I’ve got a gym at home. So, I get up [at] about six, just jump on the treadmill in the garage for about twenty minutes, and then I’ll go to work. I eat quite clean. And then I try and do my weights in the evening.

What are you looking for in a girlfriend?

A best friend who I fancy. What makes me happy is when you can actually have fun, and a real laugh with someone all the time. If you’ve got the same mind set, then you’ll get on.

What are your plans for the future?

I’ve just booked a holiday to Dubai for Boxing Day. I’m going with a girl I’m seeing, and a group of friends. Next year, we’ll have the women’s wear. Hopefully, if the pop-up shop goes well, then we’ll open a few more shops. I want to develop the women’s wear so it’s as big as where the guys’ is now really. Our biggest client base is London, so after The Trafford Centre, London is the next big place, and then Birmingham. I want to take our guys’ clothing to the next level too and push the American market.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

People saying that I don’t give up, or that I’m an inspiration. That sounds like a big-headed thing to say, but that is one of the most common messages I get each day, and it probably means the most to me.

Do you have a hero?

I don’t have anyone that I really fanboy off, but I have people that inspire me. Fashion wise, I look up to Jerry Lorenzo; he owns Fear of God. I get inspired by what Bieber’s done. I met him recently at a private party at Tattu, and he was lovely. I think everyone’s got to respect what Louis Hamilton’s done in racing. I look up to Jordan Belfort – the real wolf of Wall Street. I try to take a bit of advice from my mum too.

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