Darby and Taylor Ward Become the New ‘It’ Sisters

How has your life changed since starring on ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire’?

Taylor: It’s definitely changed a lot! We’ve done a lot more in the public eye, going to events with Mum, and just generally getting recognised. If me and Darby are out together especially, we’re a lot more recognisable as a two. If you see one of us on our own, people think ‘Oh, is that her?’, and then they see us together and everyone’s like ‘Oh, yeah!’. We’ve been invited to some amazing events recently and have so many amazing opportunities in front of us.

Darby: We are still very much a normal family as well though. We are really, really close. We’re in the same room constantly.

Tell us about your music Darby.

Darby: I’ve been working away on my music now for the last two years. My sound is organic pop with a bit of an urban soul edge. All the songs that I sing are my own material, so they all mean something to me. The emotions and thoughts are all my own growing up as a twenty-one-year-old.

Is it stressful being filmed and photographed all the time?

Taylor: Well, when they’re filming, they’re [the cameras] literally in the house five days a week. It’s a lot of work, especially for my mum, but it’s manageable; we still have our lives as well off of the show obviously. What you see on the show is maybe thirty seconds of us but that could be a whole day of filming so it’s definitely a long process but it’s worth it, it’s good fun, and the crew and everyone are so nice.

Who gives the best advice, your mum or dad?

Darby: Definitely my dad. My Dad is the wise one. Mum’s more the fiery one.

Taylor: Mum always says just be yourself. At first, it’s quite overwhelming being on the camera; you can get a bit shy, but you come across a lot better when you’re just relaxed. We just kind of take the same approach to filming as Mum – quite chilled.

Are you more like your mum or your dad?

Darby: To be honest, the pair of us are both a mix of the two. We’re not quiet girls; we are quite fiery but we’re also pretty level headed when needs be like my Dad. He’s quite calm, so we’re quite chilled out girls.

Taylor: I think I’m probably more like my mum in a way, but I definitely have a lot of my dad in me as well. They level me out I hope.

Do you get on with each other well?

Darby: She [Taylor] is my best friend. Nobody knows me like she does, and I know her better than anyone. I think I’ve now realised, over the last couple of months especially, that there is no limit to anything when we’re together. The more things that we do as a pair, the more we realise that we can achieve everything that we want to.

Taylor: We’re on this crazy Ward roller coaster, and it’s so amazing, and we’re enjoying every single experience.

Darby: It isn’t always easy. There are pressures, but we are normal girls at the end of the day. She’s my sister and we have a laugh. We have our own stupid inside banter that other people really don’t get.

Do you still do show jumpings?

Darby: I used to be a real country girl. I was such a tomboy. I absolutely loved being outdoors with my horses. I do miss that, but I think I’m at a stage in my life where I’m on a different rollercoaster and I’ve just got to keep riding it. I can always go back to that [show jumping] one day.

Do you feel like you’re under pressure to look a certain way?

Taylor: When a new season is filming, you obviously want to look your best so me and Darby always have our hair and makeup done. They say the camera puts twelve pounds on you, so you want to be in good shape and look your best.

Darby: There is pressure, but I’m a massive believer in body confidence. My body has changed so much over the last two years, and I know that people get slated in the press, but we are healthy, we do workout, we do look after ourselves. I go to the gym probably five days a week.

Taylor: We’re actually personal training together at the moment twice a week which is good fun.

Darby: It’s hilarious. It’s like a mixture of jokes, crying and arguing, but it works with a bit of competitiveness. We do have a drink, we do eat McDonald’s. It happens – we’re human beings. You’re going to put on weight and you’re going to lose it. It’s just maintaining it and being happy with yourself that is the most important thing.

What are your favourite brands at the moment?

Darby: When we’re together, we just talk about clothes. We literally sit there on Instagram on the train if we’re going to events flicking through everything. We love Givenchy, Gucci, Moschino.

Taylor: We love designers but also love high street fashion – Topshop, Zara etc. But we Iove pairing the odd designer thing with high street.

Darby: Yeah, we love to mix brands to create a look. You can go to Zara, and you can go to Topshop, and you can mix in some really cool pieces from designers to get an overall look. As long as you’ve got good hair, nice makeup, good shoes, and a handbag – you can rock it. Even it’s just a t-shirt dress. That’s our kind of style.

Darby: We both prefer to be a bit coolly underdressed. And we’re not really too girly. We borrow each other’s clothes all of the time. We all fight over clothes. Me, my mum, and Taylor are all the same size in shoes and everything so it’s fun when you’re pinching other people’s stuff, but it’s a nightmare when it’s yours. [Laughs].

What’s the best and worst thing about living in Cheshire?

Darby: I think we’re really fortunate because we’ve grown up in such a lovely area, and we’ve had a great upbringing. It is quite a small network of people so what’s great is that you can go [somewhere] and know everybody, but some people can be kind of judgemental because they think they know you, and actually, we are the goofiest, uncool, silly girls you’ve ever met in your life, and we’re not stush at all. We laugh to ourselves in changing rooms and in the car on the way home from events like ‘we did this’ or somebody tripped up. It’s always one of us. We’re just still ourselves. I still get on the train with no makeup on and I don’t really care. I think you’ve just got to be normal too.

Darby, tell us about working at Skulpt?

Darby: Skulpt’s our family business, and it’s just a couple of steps out of my bedroom. We’re still normal girls at the end of the day who need to earn a living; we don’t get spoon fed by Mum and Dad. I have a massive obsession with eyebrows. It’s like my guilty pleasure to make really bad eyebrows look great and they’re so happy when they walk out, and I’m like ‘Yes – I’ve done my good deed for the day’. [Laughs]. Everything at Skulpt is all non-surgical so we like everything to be natural enhancements of yourself.

Would you ever leave Cheshire?

Darby: We do a lot of events in London and have some great friends there. We are opening a Skulpt down in London, which is exciting. My Mum’s absolutely dreading me and Taylor leaving. She keeps persuading me ‘no, you don’t need to [leave home] yet.’. I do my music and recording in London as well, so it’s nice to have that two or three days a week where I come home, work at Skulpt, see my family back in Cheshire. It’s just a nice balance. It keeps you in the real world I think.

Taylor, what was travelling like?

Taylor: Amazing! I went to eleven different countries. It’s not quite the Cheshire lifestyle, but it was definitely really good fun.

Taylor, what was your favourite place that you travelled to?

Taylor: Probably Bali because of the beaches. The Gili Islands were just honestly amazing!

What’s your favourite place to hang out in Manchester in at the moment?

Taylor: Manchester has so many amazing bars, restaurants and clubs it’s hard to choose a favourite but we love Menagerie which is Seema and Stacey’s from the show. The food and atmosphere in there is amazing. We’re also in Alderley Edge a lot as well, there’s some great places to eat and drink.

Taylor, we’ve seen your artwork on the show. Do you plan to pursue art in the future?

Taylor: Yeah, definitely! Maybe not as an artist though; fine art’s not really for me. I did fashion A-Level and I absolutely loved it. I’m going to university to do fashion design which you’ll probably hear more about on the show. Hopefully I’ll be starting in September, so that’s what I’m going to focus my time on because that’s what I want to do as a part of my career in the future.

Are you excited for this year’s crème de la crème ball?

Darby: Definitely!

Taylor: Louisa Johnson’s performing at it this year. And the theme’s ‘Garden of Eden’ so the marquee is going to look incredible. And it’s for such a good cause too. Caudwell Children is such an amazing charity that means a lot to our family.

Taylor, You’re working with a big beauty brand. What’s the experience been like?

Taylor: I’ve only just got the job, and the shoot is coming up which I’m really excited about. I’ve been a fan of Heaven Skincare for a while, so it’s great to be chosen as an ambassador for the brand.


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Makeup Assistant: Sarah Hines

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