Becoming a Boxer in 2 Months

Can you take a not-particularly-sporty young woman and turn her into a boxer in two months?…I’ll let you know.

I’m Bethany, A-Magazine’s Head of Content, and I’ve taken on a pretty big challenge for charity.

Bethany at A-Magazine’s Umbrella Ball. Photo: Carl Sukonik[/caption]

To say I don’t know much about boxing is an understatement, but for some reason when I heard about ‘White Collar Fighter’ – two months’ worth of intense boxing training ending in an exhibition fight in front of hundreds of people – I thought it was a great idea.

Over the next eight weeks, I’ll be learning boxing techniques and improving my fitness along with forty or so others who will all be competing in a final ‘Fight Night’ on 22nd September at the end of our programme. All the sweat – trust me, there’s a lot of it – and tears are for great causes as each of us are raising money for our chosen charities.

I love a good challenge and hate being underestimated so I’m doing something a bit crazy for a brilliant charity, Cancer Research UK. I’ll be documenting my journey here, giving you a weekly update on my progress.

You can sponsor me here. All donations are very much appreciated!



I had no idea what to expect when I jumped in an Uber on the way to my first training session. Was everyone going to be ripped boxing experts? Was I going to be the worst contender they’d ever seen? When the driver double-checked the destination address with me, it felt really odd to reply “Yep – that’s right, I’m going to a body-building gym”. 

I was almost waiting for someone to ask what on earth I was doing there but I was welcomed straight away. It was a relief to find out that most people there weren’t fitness freaks and a lot of them, like me, have little to no boxing experience – so I wasn’t the only crazy person that wanted to jump head first into something they knew nothing about. 

The first challenge saw us all get stuck into ‘half an hour of hell’. This was full-on cardio. After about five minutes, you had no choice but to forget what you looked like because it really was non-stop: press-ups, burpees, jumping jacks, sprints, burpees, mountain climbers, burpees. Did I mention the burpees? Nothing brings everyone together like that shared look that says ‘Oh god, I’m feeling the burn too!’ when you’re training. 

Joking aside, we had our first taste of boxing technique, getting our jab and cross down, and learning some footwork as well. Our brilliant coaches pushed us, kept us motivated and threw in some much-appreciated double-entendre to keep our spirits up during training. There’s a long, long way to go, but I’m feeling ready for it!

If you’d like to watch Fight Night, get in touch with me at bethany@amagazine.co.uk[/caption]



About White Collar Fighter

“White Collar Fighter is the Ultimate Boxing Experience and your chance to make a change to your life and someone else’s. Join us twice a week for boxing training sessions with world-class coaches, warriors, and personal trainers. Over the course of eight weeks of boxing training, you’ll sculpt your body with the help of some of the best in the business coaches, including some of today’s current title holding champions. Find out if you have what it takes to come out on top against an opponent that has been carefully hand-picked to be your best competition. By the time you step into the boxing ring for three two-minute rounds of pure adrenaline, you’ll be putting your new skills to the test.” Find out more at whitecollarfighter.com



Words by Bethany Lee

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